SOUL is the 333rd native asset minted on the Cardano blockchain, minted on March 3rd 2021 at 7:06:29 UTC, making it one of the first assets ever minted on Cardano.

By owning SOUL, you own a piece of Cardano's history, holding one of the first tokens ever minted on Cardano!

We created the token so that each token represents one human soul... so, there are 7.8 billion people in the world... and as such there are 7.8 billion SOUL tokens in existence. So therefore by owning 1 SOUL token, you own 1 human soul (kind of, sorta...), muahahaha! 😈

We have a few things we think may be cool to do with SOUL, such as collaborating with community SPOs, and exclusive airdrops (such as our previous "Holiday SOUL" NFT airdrops, and Haunted Souls Club free mints), but first and foremost SOUL is just a collectible token. Since it has an extremely early mint date, we believe that makes it a cool and fun thing to collect, as a piece of Cardano history.

Our CNFT collection! You can stake your Haunted Souls Club NFTs to earn $SOUL every epoch.

SOUL Policy: ff97c85de383ebf0b047667ef23c697967719def58d380caf7f04b64

Holiday SOUL policy: 9b1860cf4908ce45a364123e8e01ae9709a7fdb5c7c92df49c0339dc